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WCB: Egbert the Twitchy

Mina is the Queen of All She Surveys, and now I have a title as well….

I am officially:

Egbert the Twitchy

Started about a month ago.  I started flapping my ears and turning around to attempt to bite my side.  Sometimes my “events” were so violent that they caused me to attempt to run away from my “attacker.” Mom dragged me to the vet.  I hate the vet.  I hate people, period.  This was NOT fun.  They drew blood from me (and while they had me they cleaned my teeth and had the audacity to pull a fang!) and ran some tests.  Everything looked normal.  They were stumped.  I did enjoy the post-anesthesia loll about the house but in a couple days, I was back to twitching again.  So, my mother dragged me to the local University Veterinary Teaching Hospital.  Yeah, that was fun.  I nearly killed them.  Sans fangs.  They didn’t get to see nothing!  HA!  Serves them right.  So, my mother had to leave me there for me to be sedated – AGAIN! – and more blood drawn and an X-Ray taken.  My blood levels were all atrocious (Ya think?  It’s called STRESS!) and there were a few masses in my abdomen on the X-Ray which were aspirated.  Nothing conclusive.  They shaved my stomach for this!  To quote The Incredibles, “Not happy, Bob.  NOT happy.”. My head’s too small (no snide comments! I bite, REMEMBER??) for them to really see my brain inside my skull cavity, so they couldn’t tell if I had a mass pressing on my brain, causing this neuro-fun.  So, I was put on high-dose antibiotics for a week.  Horse pills!  Horrific!  Thank goodness my parents found “Pill Pockets” by Greenies!  Antibiotics didn’t do sic-em.  Just to make everyone crazy I just stopped eating.  Serves them right!  Mom called my local vet AGAIN….. she said that we needed to start Phenobarbital to stop the seizures and give me an appetite.  So now I’m on drugs.  Greeeeeat.  I’m floppy cat.  My back end doesn’t communicate with my front end.  I can’t jump.  I can barely walk and walking down stairs, well, it was embarrassing!  Mom called the vet AGAIN and she said to cut my dose in half after two weeks of drunk-walking.   It’s been three days on half-doses and already I’m perkier, less floppy and more communicative.  I still have some coordination issues, and my seizures are a little more pronounced than they were before but at least I’m not a zombie.

Anyone else EVER have this problem?  How do I fix it?  I’m only 5!  I’m too young for this nonsense!

Hope the rest of you Weekend Cat Bloggers are feeling better than I am.  BAH!



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WCB: Oh the irony!

So yeah….  Lucky’s been at our grandmother’s house trying to move her “breezeway kitties” into “house kitties.”  I think that makes them our aunt and uncle kitties….maybe….or not…  We’re cats and have no time for genealogical pursuits!  In her absence we’ve been hanging out with Charmed who works from home a lot now (booooooring!)

Lucky came home and thought our nap location was ironic.  We’re not stupid, ya know.  We’re cats.  We’re very evolved.  We “get” the Gorey bag, already.  Duh.  It says (under our gorgeous fur for those of you not familiar….) “Books. Cats.  Life is good.”


Oh, and it was really comfy and didn’t already have cat hair on it.  That helped too.


Wyatt and Egbert

P.S.  Don’t forget to check out the rest of our furry friends who are lining up at Sher’s this weekend!  Those tasty squirrels are back again!!  Woo hoo!

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So, seven years ago, Lucky was having kitten urges.  It’s about as maternal as she gets.  She conned Charmed into letting her go to the Humane Society and look for a baby.  Baaaaad idea.  She found a baby alright….

Oscar, Toby and Emmett – Summer of 2000

She actually found FOUR babies…..  we were orphans and we had a momma kitty that was looking out for us.  Lucky was in looooooove with my racing stripes but she was afraid to take me away from momma and she didn’t want to take momma away from my brothers so she just piled all of us into a box and we came home!

Toby, Emmett and Oscar

Charmed was not amused.  But he had held her captive in the sauna of Texas for two years, so his heart was softened to her plight.  We all came upstairs to live in the old house.  Our furniture wasn’t even here yet – but we were!  Our foster momma (Lucky named her Lily) started to get sick not long after we came home.  Lucky tried to nurse her through the night but it just didn’t matter.  Lily was gone before daylight.  Lucky was torn apart.  She now had three little mouths to bottle feed.  With no bed.  No furniture.  No foster care.  Lucky slept on the floor with us and woke up every few hours to nurse us.  She worried that whatever befell Lily was going to take us too.  She spoiled us rotten.  It wasn’t long though, that we were on to kitten chow and starting to wean.

You can see my snazzy stripes really well in the pic above.  Well, long story short, it’s now seven years later and we’ve gone from being less than a pound to over 15 pounds each!  We thrived!  Perhaps a bit too much!  We’re still Lucky’s babies, though…..sometimes more than she would like.  We’re, um…..attached.  We rotate in her lap.  We get jealous if any of the other kitties are in OUR space.  That’s our momma! 

So, Happy Gotcha! Anniversary to us…. the brothers of the fruitbat ears, the brothers pushy, the brothers Grimley.  We’re Bobo, Phlegmy, Ed…..um, no……we’re Flowbee, Flemmet and Oogie….no….uh….well, we’re loved.  That’s all we really need to know, isn’t it?

Sentimentally yours,

Toby (Oscar and Emmett, too!)

P.S. – Go see Tigger, Sir Woody and Sonny Bob at Pet’s Garden where they’re hosting this week’s Weekend Cat Blogging.



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WCB: Too hot!

We’re here…but barely.  It’s hot!!!  I looked at Harmon over at Kate in the Kitchen and thought about asking Lucky for the “lion cut” but I know she’d spazz.  I’m her “fuzzy wubby” and she’d rather keep me furry and turn up the A/C. 

But if I got a haircut I could go outside……..  MOM!!!  Are you listening?  I’m a black cat….it’s 97 degrees in the shade…..

Oh forget it…..  I’m gonna take a little nap here on Lucky’s shoes and then head over to A Byootaful Life to see what Puddy and the rest of the gang are doing.




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WCB: Confinement!

Lucky loves us, but apparently she loves those crazy rabbits more.  She won’t let us go outside to play.  She thinks we’re going to try to eat them.  Well, duh!  We’re cats; they’re rabbits.  So we’re ALL in here….and Charmed’s in Thailand.  That leaves us with just one opposable-thumb bearing human.  6:1 is not a particularly good ratio. 

Wyatt is crashed out – presumably dreaming about his robin from last week that Lucky allowed him to kill but then wouldn’t allow him to eat.  (She’s such a killjoy!)


Oscar is living up to his “Special Ed” moniker today.  He’s hiding in a box.  We all pretend we can’t see him.  Can you?

Emmett’s on the move, looking for Lucky.  He can’t be too far away from her.  Charmed says he has one brain cell and it’s fixated on “Mama….Mama….Mama….”  I’d tell him she’s on the couch watching an old Hitchcock film, but the fuzzball needs to roam a bit.

Toby’s…..somewhere.  Probably under the bed in Lucky’s storage room.  I’m not even going to try to crawl under there.  That’s his domain.

Mina…..well, Mina’s being her usual “diva” self and doesn’t want anyone to forget that she is the princess of this house.  Good grief!

I’m just chillin’ out, hoping the door will open and I might have an opportunity to pay those bunnies a second visit.  Looks like the other Weekend Cat Blogging kitties – and even the squirrels (!!) – are having more fun than we are over at What Did You Eat?  Wander over and check them out….we’ll be here…inside…boooooooored. 




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We, the kitties at the Lucky and Charmed house, like Cat TV.  However, it’s usually the same show…birds….birds….birds.  Well, someone must have broken down and upgraded the cable package because we now have BUNNIES!  We are really enjoying the quality programming.  Here’s a sample of what we get to see:


Lucky thinks these are siblings.  We don’t really care.  We enjoy fantasizing about eating them.  She’s even put out a little bowl of what we call “bunny bait” so that the show will air more often.  She calls this salad.  What-ev-er. 


Mina, she’s such a priss.  She won’t watch the show with the rest of the commoners.  She has to have a balcony seat on the table.  Then there’s Wyatt, playing sentinel.  He’ll alert the rest of us when the bunnies have come back on so we can all gather around the tube. 

Well, while the commercials are on we’re going to go over to CatSynth and see what the other cats are blogging about in their worlds.

See ya next week! 

           Egbert, Mina, Oscar, Toby, Emmett and Wyatt


So, we’ve figured out why we have Bunny TV…. It seems that there’s a Mama bunny who has put her little babies right next to the foundation, right by the window where we watch TV.  I found them earlier today while my buddy Wyatt did away with a robin and Lucky nearly spazzed.  She got this photo of the little ones that would have made SUCH great appetizers!

Ever vigilant,  Egbert and Wyatt



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Well, that’s what she calls it, anyway. We’re lucky kitties that live in the country and our Mama has made sure that even when the grass looks like we need to raise some goats our catnip patch is in good shape. We just got in our first harvest.

That’s me, Toby, doing a little quality control. I was voted “Most Likely to Enter a 12-Step Program” due to my love of ‘nip. Lucky keeps us a stash of dried catnip on the dining room platerail and when I am jonesing for a fix, I just try to climb the doorframe. EVERY kitty in the house knows what that means and they come runnin’!

Ahh….we love our Mama! Time to bask in the glory of my buzz on the floor with Oscar…

You can check out what all the other kitties are doing for their weekend at The House of Mostly Black Cats!

Pleasantly stoned,


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