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Long time no post, no excuse other than the usual. But now, I’m officially on holiday and I hopped over from a 2 week business trip in Basingstoke, UK to Belfast, Northern Ireland. We are staying with friends in their home. So it’s going to be some serious recharge time.
Lucky was able to escape early and flew into Dublin on Wednesday morning and bussed it up to Belfast. Since then she and Annemarie have been shuttling about having a grand time. Northern Ireland beware! Actually, more like Kieran and my credit card beware. Ha, just kidding.
To celebrate the start of our “official” holiday, we went to a fantastic local restaurant in downtown Belfast called Tedfords Restaurant. You can’t get any seafood fresher than this! Let’s just say we aren’t in cornfield country anymore!
The meal was fantastic. For a Starter I had smoked porkbelly with fried squid and a sweet potato foam. For my Main I had the sea breem which was served on a warm bean salad and garnished with a lemon foam. The fish was cooked perfectly, crispy skin outside, flaky moist inside. Yum! Lucky started with the seafood chowder and then had the Pan Roast Turbot & Scallops, crab crushed new potatoes, buttered asparagus, Hollandaise .
Today we are going to see what fun I can have with the local produce. It has been two weeks of eating out and too often at the hotel for my liking. Not bad, just miss having a little more control for what I can get. With that in mind as soon as I got off the plane, Kieran, Lucky and I hit the local farmers market. Lucky left me and Kieran to go fondle the produce, which I did with a vengeance. Fresh fish local meats, and plenty of fresh veg. I also found something called dulse. Which is fresh seaweed. It reminds me of japanese kombu, only this variety is smailler and “stringy”. It has the smell of the sea. I also got a smoked variety. After having a good look around, I picked up a monkfish tail, lemons, potatoes, asparagus, shallots, garlic, cherry tomatoes and the dulse. We plan to fireSo the menu for tonight is going to be :
Roast garlic
roasted fennel
homemade tapenade
Crusty bread from a local baker

Grilled monkfish skewers
deconstructed sushi roll (sushi rice, smoked dulse, sesame seed)
Salad of asparagus, tomato with a warm bacon dressing

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