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WCB: Egbert the Twitchy

Mina is the Queen of All She Surveys, and now I have a title as well….

I am officially:

Egbert the Twitchy

Started about a month ago.  I started flapping my ears and turning around to attempt to bite my side.  Sometimes my “events” were so violent that they caused me to attempt to run away from my “attacker.” Mom dragged me to the vet.  I hate the vet.  I hate people, period.  This was NOT fun.  They drew blood from me (and while they had me they cleaned my teeth and had the audacity to pull a fang!) and ran some tests.  Everything looked normal.  They were stumped.  I did enjoy the post-anesthesia loll about the house but in a couple days, I was back to twitching again.  So, my mother dragged me to the local University Veterinary Teaching Hospital.  Yeah, that was fun.  I nearly killed them.  Sans fangs.  They didn’t get to see nothing!  HA!  Serves them right.  So, my mother had to leave me there for me to be sedated – AGAIN! – and more blood drawn and an X-Ray taken.  My blood levels were all atrocious (Ya think?  It’s called STRESS!) and there were a few masses in my abdomen on the X-Ray which were aspirated.  Nothing conclusive.  They shaved my stomach for this!  To quote The Incredibles, “Not happy, Bob.  NOT happy.”. My head’s too small (no snide comments! I bite, REMEMBER??) for them to really see my brain inside my skull cavity, so they couldn’t tell if I had a mass pressing on my brain, causing this neuro-fun.  So, I was put on high-dose antibiotics for a week.  Horse pills!  Horrific!  Thank goodness my parents found “Pill Pockets” by Greenies!  Antibiotics didn’t do sic-em.  Just to make everyone crazy I just stopped eating.  Serves them right!  Mom called my local vet AGAIN….. she said that we needed to start Phenobarbital to stop the seizures and give me an appetite.  So now I’m on drugs.  Greeeeeat.  I’m floppy cat.  My back end doesn’t communicate with my front end.  I can’t jump.  I can barely walk and walking down stairs, well, it was embarrassing!  Mom called the vet AGAIN and she said to cut my dose in half after two weeks of drunk-walking.   It’s been three days on half-doses and already I’m perkier, less floppy and more communicative.  I still have some coordination issues, and my seizures are a little more pronounced than they were before but at least I’m not a zombie.

Anyone else EVER have this problem?  How do I fix it?  I’m only 5!  I’m too young for this nonsense!

Hope the rest of you Weekend Cat Bloggers are feeling better than I am.  BAH!



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