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Back from the dead….

Just in time for Halloween (my personal favorite holiday) I have taken a moment to reacquaint myself with my blog.  My absence is shameful.  My apologies for being lax.

Sadly, I can’t say I’ve eaten anything faboo recently to share.

Went to the wine tasting on the 18th to benefit Mills Breast Cancer Institute at Lincoln Square.  Good stuff.  Went with some friends, had a laugh or two and thankfully spent very little since the Lucky & Charmed cellar overfloweth.  I know there are plenty of you out there that will help me take care of that little problem.  If I ever get furniture to fill this barn, I’ll call.  Promise.

Last night went to Crane Alley after buying furniture. Had lackluster tempura vegetables (more like battered in the same thing the fish are) and decent beer.  It’s the ever-changing beer selection that keeps me coming there – that and the occasional “wow” special.  Had a frank discussion regarding religion with Charmed.  That NEVER happens.  That made up for the soggy veggies right there.

Tonight drove all the way to Buckley for a fundraising German dinner to benefit the Lutheran high school.  For buffet and a free-will donation, it rocked.  Was it on par with Aunt Minnie’s?  Notsomuch, but that’s not why I was there.  The beer bread was excellent, the potato salad pretty good (even though the nice but LOUD lady next to me thought it had too much vinegar) and the desserts tasty.

Now, about German desserts.  This is my pet peeve.  Really, really.  Repeat after me:  There is no such thing as German Chocolate Cake.  It’s German’s Chocolate Cake – it’s named after a man – not the country and it should never, ever, ever be found on a German menu.  Find me the naturally growing coconut in Germany and I’ll reconsider my stance.  Danke!

Otherwise, Crave in Danville is serving up really good microlot coffees that are roasted to specification of the buyers.  Good stuff.  Doesn’t taste burnt.  I swear the Holler Mountain blend that was in there a couple of weeks ago had cream in it even though I know it didn’t – it was that smooth.  It’s worth your time to investigate if your Danville travels bring you to West Fairchild St.  Don’t let the grocery store or the neighborhood scare you.  The espresso bar has been created as a little oasis of civility.  And it has free Wi-Fi so how can you go wrong?

New job is going well, new house is going well, and other than that…..I just can’t complain.

The kidlets are all well and really need to get back into Weekend Cat Blogging.  They read but have so much to share if the crazy lady with the opposable thumbs would just take some pictures.

Ahh, life!  Happy autumn everyone!   

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